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Apparel Industry

Stickers for Apparel Industry

Using the up-to-date machines and systems, we are capable of manufacturing a varied collection of Apparel Stickers. These labels are offered in different designs, from intricate to plain logos
and are extensively used in Apparel Industry

Classic Impressions is home to the production of the finest quality and carefully designed printed stickers for the entire gamut of apparel industry packaging needs. We are well-versed at producing the best quality guaranteed solutions for your products whilst providing you an ultimate solution for the apparel industry export market.

Stickers for Apparel Industry

Stickers for Rubber Industry

We possess the capability to manufacture rubber stickers according to any specifications and are flexible on colors and designs. These are manufactured to required specifications in varied colours and designed.

We excel in producing high quality stickers for rubber products and packaging requirements. Our products carry a striking appeal and are immaculately produced to suit every rubber export market demand.

Coconut / Coir Industry

Stickers for Coconut Industry

We are able to manufacture coir stickers according to you design and specifications using our technology and expertise

Every sticker should higher the stake. Our high quality stickers for Coconut/Coir products and exports do jut this. They provide your products with an elegant finish and we do it with a faster service. Feel free to talk to us about any design that you wish to print.

Stickers for Any Industry

We are able to manufacture stickers according to you design and specifications using our technology and expertise.

When it comes to stickers we have striking solutions. We provide a vast array of stickers for your packaging and exporting needs. As always stickers can be customized as per your request.

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Sticker manufacturer for rubber industry

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